Color of autumn Xmas 2015-16

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Over the christmas period I worked on my circus walk cycle which resulted in me changing the entire walk to be more dramatic as well as the design of the character. I didnt like the clothing design of my character so I somehow came to the logical conclusion of her becoming a ninja which actually fits the backstory. I also struggled with the face and increase workload with the movement I had chosen so I covered up alot of her face. I copy and pasted the head but it looked jerky so I had to redraw that area a couple times which fixed the problem slightly but not entirely. Also the scarf thing looked cool but was weird when it didnt move so I rushed through  that section. It could be better but I did okay I think.



I tried to break down a animation of jessica rabbit my insipration for my orginal walk cycle. I then broke down my original walk cycle and tried to find a happy medium between the two. The revison and revisiting jessica rabbits walk was prompted by my mentor who suggested more torso movement which is what I think I achieved Probably a bit to much but meh. Also more hip movement that I wanted to put across. (Clip of jessica rabbit)


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