You Rock My World (07/12/15)

The last week of uni assessments Handed in what I had done bouncing creature, push/lift/pull(none fully finished) rushed 2d mood change that I did on the day and my circus character mood sheet(that is partially unfinished as I had to include scans that I  cut out on the model sheet.


My circus character is a innuit girl that was left in her youth taken in and raised by a travelling Maori circus troupe that teaches her various acro and aerobatics and the art of fire poi. After finally learning of her actual origin years later as a teenager she goes on a journey to find her mother learning various things she returns to find her adopted circus family dead seemingly organized by her estranged mother. She is now on a pursuit of vengance with renewed passion to find and confront her mother and thats a basic backstory. I think.

This is part of the unfinished 3d walk cycle mood change I was doing but didn't get to finish as there was problems with the file corrupting.[vimeo][/vimeo]


Fixed 2d walk cycle that I did the week before



Push animation that has some problems in it like the knee twtiching for example and I think it needs a bit more exaggeration.

Did a movement class a bit to help with our four legged creature creation project but I couldn't do much as I had a previous leg injury from a week prior.An injury which crawling around didn't really help but still helpful I guess.


I also tried a stop motion dog animation which I just remembered is on someone else's hard-drive..

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