City of stars (23/11/15)

Walky cycles This was the week of walk cycles which can be quite difficult. I found this to be challenging mostly for the reason of having the actually circus character to be using the walk cycle only partially completed. As I had not really completed the body or thought of appropriate clothing also I probably need it to match the back story of my character although I could just choose a random outfit and say they are cosplaying.

I managed to get at least half of my walk done but still need to integrate my character on to the line test.


I similarly made progress with my character walk in maya but is yet to be finished. This is how far I got 3Dladywalk

Life drawing:Model Jennifer Field

This week was to do with movement more like pose to pose and our own movement around the model getting different perspectives from an equal amount of distance. I found it to not be difficult but mostly tedious in particular the last exercise where we sat in a circle and exchanged seats and drew the different perspectives of the same pose for a whole hour.

20151128_152047 20151128_152001

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