The words will make you out 'n' out (16/11/15)


Second week of thinking about character concepts are group ended up doing some work with what I believe was soft clay and also trying to caricature inanimate objects. The workshop was done by Graeme Howard.





The first attempt at clay was this weird dragon turtle reptile thing with a hat that I put some effort into making but didnt really like so much. 20151116_165804So after awhile I ended up just making weird clay stuff that I didn't really put much thought into like a female body and a weird mario head.

Randomly combining them as the female didn't have a head I didn't think much of it afterwards. But after some reflection and presenting what we had made I realised I actually had a viable potential candidate (kind off) for my circus character a lady with a guys face and no arms or legs that with a pet dragon turtle thing that resulted from me zoning out.

20151116_165821                        20151116_165910




I presented my film analysis this week, for my chosen film the illusionist I didn't get as much time to practice it as I hoped but I think it went fairly well. The Film I presented

NiceContrastofWarmAndColdThings I don't think I got to mention like this juxtaposition of color the warm tones of the table where magic is revealed to be not real and the female protagonist looks into the cold harsh toned reality that the illusionist has disappeared into. Which I thought was interesting


PrettySureIts3DAmountDetailOnThatTrainThoughThis was what I believed to be a camera shot representing the illusionist leaving as the train was moving to the left which I think is a negative direction. Also the black of the train could represent a death of his career and a going back to what he was doing before he became an entertainer.


NewNiggerShitAnd this like the last is also a closing scene where the female main character who I think is called alice goes of towards the right of the screen in a more positive forward direction while placing her white coat bought by the illusionist to shelter her and her new male suitor. The whiteness of the coat could signify a new beginning fresh start of life, or her leaving the memories of the illusionist in the past .


The last slide of my presentation "I believed that this film doesn't exactly have an intended audience. And was more of an insight into a man mind and personal feelings about his daughter. Although after looking at others opinions many feel that slyvain has taken over a bit too much and assimilated himself into the story too much not displaying enough tati like his comedy and flair. I think the director just wanted his feelings to be shown as he got engrossed in the script as he noted the similarities to his own daughter from a previous marriage.

Overall I think the film could be for anyone as it deals with aspects of longing and hope(the girl following the protag and hoping magic is real and him longing to improve the life of another or even hope that his trade will get him somewhere, Growth and development of the two main characters and the change of a teen to adulthood and an adult to elderhood making the decision to prepare and make way for the transitioning youth. After watching the film a second time I understood the characters more and even subtle moments of the illusionist's magic being slight of hand. I can see why the illusionist takes alice in and the alice not purposely being a leech like character and genuinely believing in his magic to be able to produce things out of thin air so money would not be an actually"

This was me trying to do work on my circus character to prepare for the walk cycle I only got so far as an young and adult version. My character is a female who I want to make be of Inuit descent because why not. The act my performer does is mainly areo/acrobatics and a bit of fire twirling or fire poi which will be taught to my character by a family of maori that are apart of the circus act my character was in. (also mental note keep forgetting to put birth mark on characters cheek)

20151122_163948 20151122_164025 20151122_164032 20151122_164053 20151122_164104 20151122_164232 20151122_164331



Did more life drawing exercises:Model Adrian

This week was more to do with body language and a bit of perspective too "character of the figure". We tried to emulate different types of textures like tangled, wet or soft and also different types of line. As i suppose was to do with different lines and textures define what it is you are drawing whether its a character or not. Hard lines could mean strong while soft lines might mean gentle or shaky lines could represent chaos or some sort of disruption. We also did different moods which accompanied lines.


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