I've been sailing the seas on a big ass boat (09/11/15)

Did a helpful workshop with a lady called Penelope Mendonca that got the group to think about character design in another way especially with other people contributing to the initial idea and concept of a character. And creating back story and futures for these characters not just on a visual standpoint but there environment and the looks of their own family or how they would interact or meet other peoples characters.  

Worked on the pushing exercise on maya. Which I will post on here if I remember to do a playblast or render

Did more life drawing a selection of drawings I did. Model:Esther Bunting

perspective drawing

This was to do with perspective like seeing the model from a high place or lower down like being a child looking up at a resting mother. The last set of poses of her we had to do where she would move around the room in a circuit was quite challenging as she moved she would constantly change poses and would mess around which was entertaining at least



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