Zealots of Stockholm


Past work I have done


I wanted to improve as a digital artist through trying to learn how to handle color values better and the subtleties of light and dark. After painting I coloured it with a color layer as it handles the values better it was quite challenging to get the values right and I don't think I have done this completely but I have gotten it pretty close to the original source material picture of Ronda rousey.  I finished this a couple weeks ago



3Dcae Previous 3d work I did this is popular car I modelled and rendered in Maya the project scope was originally a model under 5K i think but I chose the alternative of a object inside another object with no poly limit for my previous uni project. Had three point lighting and a HDR texture on the car. I later on modelled some car dice to put inside the car but I didn't get to do an interior or do an alternative worn car and post apocalyptic environment like I planned due to rendering issues with a turntable (that had a wire frame) that went up to the extended deadline. I got an A for my presentation when presenting this.

TGhoul3This is fan art from an anime I liked





This is a line test I did for my final year project at Kingston university. Project didnt end well I was indecisive did at least 30 different variation and ran out of time this was orginally a 3d project before I switched it to a 2D/3D then a 2d one. I even got rid of the inner details I did on my main character and just had a outline when I thought it looked better but didn't do it for some scenes which left different parts looking quite different.


GameA scene for a game I co created with a partner at kingston university for one of our crossover modules. We thought of the main mechanic a side scrolling runner. I came up with the characters designs, title, concept and I did the animation as well, most of the assets creation which were png sprites that I animated using a unitys puppet tool. And my partner did the programming and music and text elements and also some visual effects. The concept was a bear sick of the rules of society running around naked getting chased by a cop that you have to avoid. It was called teddy bare(you get it its because he's naked and he's bare but also.. a bear, I was really proud when I thought of this stupid game title)


And lastly a bit of vfx stuff I did in after effects GottaGoFast!



lifeDrawings Collage of life drawings done in the past two weeks no current line tests as the ones I have finished haven't been put on the line tester yet.




Seven questions for my circus character will probably finish it properly later.

1. Who am I?

Flexible funny angry clown drifts from place to place never really settling looking for a place to belong. Whenever they go they settle for a time but any feelings of comfortability soon get replaced by boredom and a need to escape to find another adventure casting aside any previous ties

2.Where am I?

Im on a boat


Five in the afternoon

4.What do I want?

The Booty(treasure)

5.Why do I want this?

who doesnt want the booty

6.How will I achieve my goal

Manipulation and mind games

7.What must I overcome


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