Aruarian dance

Stuff that happened Last week went to see the second years project pitching for a animated interputation of some opera plays with the best getting chosen to be produced with fellow students in there class. Of the ones I saw all were quite good with a lot of thought being put into there pitches I later attended the animated night of the opera showcasing the previous chosen pitches from the the students who had graduated it was pretty good slighty repetitive but good and was shorter than expected.

I also recently finished a digital drawing I worked on and off for a while so felt accomplished. Also did a movement class for a whole day that was a experiece . Havent got too do that much animating but worked on anticpation and follow through as well as experiementing with gravity through line test and with maya.

This has gotten combined into two posts since I forgot to post it.

This week beginning the 26th I did some experimentation on the movement of lifting and anticipation. And took part in a exercise of simulating what it would be like to lift a heavy object which gave me a video reference of said action. After doing a animatic line test I then proceeded to replicate it in Maya.

Character analysis of my creature that I made.

The first creature I made was a lot more simplistic not really differentiating itself away from the original bouncing ball line test I did earlier. I wanted to try experiment with a mullet type hair style on this weird circle dog thing I made. I wanted it to be cuteish for appeal but show sore/raw eyes that would be alarming when the hair that covered have of the creature eventually moved away from its face. I eventually decided it wasn't challenging enough or really creative enough.


I started drawing and ended up with something that would be cute but also had more slightly unsettling or weird features like for example the fingers sprouting out from underneath it which it uses to move. Its overall body shape is still reminiscent of a circle but with two strong wings to propel it of the ground, which I added possibly because I had been playing bloodbourne and it reminds me of these carrion crows.[youtube][/youtube]

The creature that I will name Gregg the destroyer is a stoic bird monster which hates to underestimated due to it being a lot smaller than the rest of its kind having constant cutesy blush marks on its cheek. He proclaims he is a merciless killer always expanding his wings to appear larger despite never killing anything but nevertheless having the ability and brutal intent when backed into a corner. A proficient martial arts practitioner the only creature to go beyond a black belt and receive a thicker white belt from chuck norris as a sign of purity and overall mastery of the arts. Often to lazy to go ahead and kill the countless amount of female intruders that break into his 240million pound mansion(that he inherited from his distant cousin) wanting to pet him and kidnap hip due to insanely hypnotic death stare that he gives when not amused. He subdues them with his special eye hypnosis instead making them his loyal attendants and guards. Only willing to release them on the condition that they can beat him in a series of intellectual battles through various games which he suspects some of not being under his hynotic influence they fail on purpose to live in his mansion rent free and just to be around which he tolerates as he is cool like that. Gregg has a large amount of ambition and beliefs he is quite influential from the large following he has and the large amount of twitter followers he has. Following this he plans to take over the world with his trained band of hypnotised ninja female stalkers at his disposable he knows that the only thing that stands in his way is time which is something he plans to rule over after taking over the planet earth. He is also a fan of cheesecake and game of thrones and almost went ahead with his plan to kidnap george r.r martin when he wanted to appear in the books and episode but decided against it as his presence would only complicate things further when all would undoubtedly unite under him and place him on the iron throne, which he beliefs would be too much pressure right now.


part of gregg line test some frames missing done with a tablet


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