Screw you google chrome. Developing style and 90's cartoons

I just probably wrote the most amazing blog post ever about my development and the creation of unique style and just when I was about to publish it Google chrome crashed for the 1000 time and stopped me (gotta remember to save). Also why the hell does chrome keep crashing it been stopping me from doing a lot lately I tried the fixed but it hasn't worked so that sucks. Some of what I said was similar to what scyra says in his personal development series on YouTube that I have been watching  where he struggles along through about a year to create his own style. But yea h as I practice more digital art I can see where my mistakes are for example the shenron dragon  I did after getting feed back I realised the problems with the lighting and his heads perspective as well as some of the lighting and the confusing path of his bodies rotation although I could just try to pass it off as a optical illusion. But yeah when im working I notice mistakes and end up editing on the fly sometimes deleting more than half the work I have spent hours on. I mean yeah I do a base drawing and work out a basic flow of things but then I will always want to add or edit things in when I get a new idea end up adding detail and end up realising its wrong.  Doing digital paintings from source and copying it practically 1:1 is easy enough but doing my own stuff without  and adding in detail to it is where a problem usually arises. I have been trying to experiment with different styles like the geometry triangles and I want to move onto doing optical illusions as I have always found those fascinating but overall I want to work smarter not harder but If I have my own distinct style I can approach any work I do in the same or similar way as opposed to everything I do feeling completely different although I suppose this experimenting is what I need to do to become adept at what I do.

Also in other news I heard theres going to be a 90's nickledon cross over apart the big three or four channels I used to watch as a kid. Classic stuff like Ruggrats, Angry beavers, Wild thorneberries(i think thats 90's) and many others I used to love this era of cartoons and few toons in my opinion today can hold a candle to them. Except for things like Adventure time, Rick and Morty,  Steven universe, Phineas and Ferb and the like. Im looking forward to it even though its the same person/people who directed the last sponge bob movie which I though sucked but yh could be cool.

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