Hey, what's up, Hello?..

Who am I? I am an artist going by the name of Cvs, Crazyviolentsamurai e.t.c and I am driving towards improvements as an artists and a person. Why am I blogging? well im not completely sure on this yet but everywhere I go online I am told you need blogs if you want to promote your stuff people like blogs so why not, I am not the best of writers so that is one reason I havent ventured into this before. I like art a lot of types I like fan art, digital art, traditional art basically alot of art. I have a plethora of art based sharing accounts that dont seem to be doing much most of the time. So with this blog I want to share some art my thoughts on it and maybe work that others do, some stuff in the animation and graphics industry and yeah games too cause that counts as art; pretty much stuff I like. And who knows maybe I will get good enough to do tutorials one day.

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